What is the Gruenewald House?

The Gruenewald Historic House is a living museum.  Our goal is to preserve an 1873 homestead for future generations.  By opening the house for tours, meetings, teas, parties, living histories, and offering special programs, you are able to join us in keeping a part of Madison County’s heritage alive.

The house and gardens provide settings for educational and social events.  The doors open for a spring and a winter Open House, free of charge to the community.  Special programming is presented at various times of the year for interests such as book clubs, gardening, cooking, and the arts. 

From the outside, The Gruenewald Historic House is French Second Empire, with the Mansard roof and protruding gables typical of that style.  When you step inside, you can see it is really two houses in one.  The rear portion is the original two-story cabin, built in 1860.  The front of the house was added in 1873.  Altogether, there are four floors, connected by a beautiful winding staircase with a hand-carved banister.

Inside, visitors will be struck with the beauty and elegance of the parlors, and their original Christian doors.  Overhead, the gold-touched ceiling medallions reflect the light of crystal chandeliers.  Visitors will see many fine antiques, including a carved pianoforte, a convertible high chair, and a lovely silver and blue bridal bowl.  Outside, the gardens are maintained by The Madison County Master Gardeners as a typical garden of the era.