Daughters Of the American Revolution visit the Gruenewald House

On August 26, 2020 eighteen members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Kikthawenund Chapter marched in downtown Anderson in their white regalia portraying suffragists of 1920.  Afterwards, they were guests of Gruenewald Historic House for a 1920 reenactment discussion about women’s suffrage, tour of the main floor of the House, and garden party.  COVID-19 precautions were observed.  The event was documented by video and is posted for viewing on the website and Facebook page.  See www.gruenewaldhouse.com and Facebook.com/gruenewaldhouse.

In the video you will see our cherished Gruenewald House and tour of the front and back parlors, dining room and kitchen. 

Board President David Cagley portrayed Martin Gruenewald.  Since Martin’s wife Christiana was deceased by 1920, Lessa Johnson was cast as daughter Augusta in the reenactment.  DAR “suffragists” participated in the reenactment discussion. 

The Garden Party was enchanting and showcased the lavender-painted patio bistro sets, decorated by House Director LaBella Wallace with lace table cloths, vases of flowers from the garden, cut-glass goblets and red, white and blue patriotic décor on the serving table.  Ferns hung in the Gazebo added to the Victorian ambiance.

Master Gardener Loretta Heiniger directed our attention to the beautiful flowers in the Heirloom Garden.

The flag used by the suffragists was displayed.  Stars on the flag represent the 36 states required for ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing women the right to vote.  The flag was donated by Jean Whitsell-Sherman, Gruenewald House Historian.

The visual images were enhanced by music of the period:  marches by John Philip Sousa, barbershop quartet selections, and ragtime music by Scott Joplin.

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